How to Write a Killer Blog?

by Dorothy on March 14, 2011

A blog presents comments or news on any specific topic like food, clothes or politics; in other words on almost anything. Writing a killer blog is a not an easy task but not impossible at the same time. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while writing a killer blog.

Steps to write a killer blog

Here are seven important steps that may help you in writing a killer blog. Follow these steps one by one.

1. Choose a defining title tag

The very first step is to choose a defining title tag.  It should include keywords related to your blog like if your blog is about foodstuff; make sure that the word food is in your title tag.

2. Focus on your headlines

The second important step is to focus on your headlines. For this you must give vibrant, smart headlines full of significant keywords. If your headline is not good, no one will bother to read the content even if it is good.

3. Add media effects

You should add some more media effects like pod casting, video blogging, photography and so on. If you want to make it more appealing, just add photos, sounds and even videos to your blog.

4. Posts should be precise

Make sure that the post you write is precise and clear-cut. You should post frequently.

5. Get your own niche

Next step is to look for a niche. It is better to focus on one. You will find a number of blogs available these days. Make it different from others. Hence it is better if you have your own style and establish an identified place for yourself.

6. Add a free link

You need to make set-up with other bloggers and influencers and then link out to all your friends and enemies in a similar way. If you want to become an authority, remember that you will have to network and learn from other people. You can get authority and credibility if you also give credit when it is payable. 

7. Add your own viewpoint

You should always try to develop your own style and personality online. Cover the stories by adding up your own perspective in it. You should not be scared to be controversial or just agree or disagree.

After adding your perspective you need to make your blog optimized for various search engines by tagging your posts. It is very essential to admit your mistakes and then make required improvement in it.  You can also allow comments on your blog. People leaving comments should feel safe in your blog.

Lastly before finalizing the blog you must see that it is well written. Read thoroughly and also check your facts, spellings, sentence structure etc. This is important to do because once you post your blog, it is displayed globally via internet.

Writing a killer blog is all about adopting a particular style and go for the topic/subject vastly prevalent. You can go for something very usual but it is on you how you are going to make it different from others.


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