Any pointers on how to crochet? The how to videos teach me nothing! I’m a beginner if that helps?

by Dorothy on February 23, 2011

I want to learn how to crochet because I really want to learn how to make afghans. But I’ve read books and videos and the instructions don’t help. I get the hook and finger placements, but not the part of pulling the yarn through the knot to start your first stitch. Help anyone?

Have you checked on Youtube?

If not, look up Beth Essignton or expertvillage beginners crochet.

I learned one of my stitches from my mom, and by watching her movies (there are 15 in the series) I have learned many more. Her cameraman zooms in fairly close which makes it easier to see where she’s pulling the stitch through. Also you’ll be able to enlarge the screen and see even better.

I’m afraid if I try and write out exactly how to do it, I might confuse you more. I tried that, but it looked too confusing.

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