Crochet Knitting: Learn How To Get Started

by Dorothy on March 11, 2011

There is a whole new craze that is going around and which is known as crochet knitting which maybe you have heard of before and maybe you have not.  Most people have heard of crocheting and knitting separately before but not together.  You may have seen crochet knitted designs here and there but it has really taken off over the past few years. In just a few easy steps you can get started crochet knitting and create some beautiful designs. crochet knitting

It sounds a lot harder than it really is so you should not worry about getting started. You would crochet part of a design for instance the outside of a doily or tablecloth and then you would knit the inside of the design.  Crochet knitting can be quite beautiful and there are various instances in which it would work well.  You will still need all the same supplies you would need for each craft.

Always make sure you are using the right supplies for your crochet knitting.   Once you have your supplies you just need to worry about finding a project that you want to take on.  When it comes to finding different designs to follow you have a few options.    If you want to cut costs you can look online and find all the projects you need without spending any money at all.

You do have other options however and for instance you could subscribe to a knitting or crocheting magazine.   Maybe you even know people who have these skills and who can offer you ideas on different projects.  Knitting and crocheting are not just for grandmas anymore and chances are at least a few of your friends have taken up the hobby.  There are more young people than ever before who have put a hip, chic spin on these pastimes and have really made it their own.

Remember not to get discouraged when you first get started crochet knitting.   Just because you may make a few mistakes here or there that does not mean you should just give up.   You may know some expert knitters but they had to get started somewhere just like you.   With crochet knitting you can come up with some absolutely beautiful designs.

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