Is there a difference between US and UK crochet?

by Dorothy on February 27, 2011

I am learning to crochet using a book backed up by the internet but I’m getting confused! I understand that the same stitches have different names in the US and the UK but it seems the actual techniques can be different. I specifically mean crocheting in rows. I hope I can explain it in words. You start off by crocheting a chain and then you turn back on it to do the next row. To do the stitch you insert the hook into the middle of the relevant stitch. It looks like you are putting the hook in between the 2 fingers of a "V" shape. This makes sense but when we get onto the next row there seems to be more than one technique. Most of the US crochet videos and instruction insert the hook under the "V" completely this time but in most UK instructions they still put the hook in between the "V". Which is right or doesn’t it matter. It must make a difference to the look of the final piece of work. Any advice?
Got it! Thanks for all the super fast answers.

Very helpful.

I am trying to visualize what your saying and have a problem. Is is possible for you to direct me to one of the US site so I can see why they are going under the "V"? I can understand the UK direction. Please email me.

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