Does anyone know of a good knitting book for beginners…?

by Dorothy on March 9, 2011

with easy to follow instructions that teach all the different stitches and how to reduce and increase stitches. Its hard to find a book where the writer is a good teacher as well as a good knitter,a knitter that understands that beginners need to be taught pateintly all the steps with no steps presumed to be known or left out.
Thanks all, lots of good suggestions. I really like the video idea also.

I just taught myself how to knit in September by following online videos-not sure if you know about them but wanted to mention them. (Be sure to check out your library first for the books mentioned to be sure you like the layout of the book.)

This site has great information and videos. I would pause the video and follow along:

YouTube has a lot of stuff too.

Here are some other sites to check out:

Hope this helps you as it did me. :)

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