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by Dorothy on March 7, 2011

Hi friends, Dorothy here.  In “Become a Knitting Superstar,” Liat Gat, the premier online knitting instructor, has compiled an e-book that will make you more confident and successful as a knitter. Her ‘one step at a time’ video presentations are clear, effective and designed to help anyone achieve knitting success, regardless of their skill level. If only I had had access to a resource like this when I was young, I might be a knitting superstar today!

When I was a child, my mother showed me the rudiments of knitting, and I imagine I made a potholder, picking up bad habits along the way. These were compounded some years later when I was expecting my first child and attempted to provide my newborn with my hard-won maternal knitting efforts. After several tedious days, I produced a lovely little lacy sweater/top…at least it was, until I got it wet to block it. It grew several sizes and I wept, seeing my tedious efforts reduced to a stretchy, ungainly blob. I vowed to complete my projects and put away my needles! It hasn’t been until later in my life that I again picked up knitting needles—now at a time in where I am old enough to appreciate the meditative, quieting experience that hand knitting generates.

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In this e-book, Liat has given an enthusiastic approach to all the basic beginning steps required of beginning or intermediate knitters. And unlike the “old” days with only printed instructions, the collection of videos she uses to illustrate the various techniques are crystal clear, with close-ups of the hands and stitches which allow the viewer to watch, pause, or replay when needed.

Testimonial for Knitting Superstar

The book itself contains the following chapters:

1. Reading a Knitting Pattern

2. Anatomy of a Knitting Pattern

3. Video Knitting Dictionary

4. Knitting in the round

5. Introduction to the Magic Loop

6. Beginning Magic Loop

7. Mastering Magic Loop

8. Introduction to Toe-Up Socks, two-at-a-Time

9. Project Top-Up Socks, Two-at-a-Time

10. Advanced Toe-Up Socks

11. Intro to Top-Down Socks, Two-at-a-Time

12. Project Top-Down Socks, Two-at-a-Time

13. Advanced Top-Down Socks

14. Ten Techniques That Make Any Project Amazing

15. Continental Knitting

16. Top Ten Lists

Part VI Help and Resources

Going through the videos, in no time at all I had picked up several tips I had not learned back in the days when I was teaching myself. Beginning with casting on to the importance of blocking at the end, every beginning step is covered. Later, major importance is put upon the Round Knitting Revolution, including the newly developed “Magic Loop,” which transforms the whole concept of knitting a circular project. This is an example of how new technologies are transforming the art of knitting, making it even more accessible and pleasurable. All along the way, Liat even has tips and videos troubleshooting the most common problems beginning knitters are sure to encounter.

Finally, she has bonus chapters which cover everything from the appropriate needles for the chosen project, to building speed and efficiency. In the concluding chapters she gives you her “Top 10” lists”: why it is good to make mistakes, how to fix your mistakes, top ten knitting books and other resources, including directions for online resources and directions for contacting her via an online site specifically for the community of knitters. (Ravelry.com)

This is a “must” have resource for anyone who is learning or wishing to improve on their basic knitting skills. I would have liked to have seen included a beginning project other than socks. Even now, I don’t expect or desire to produce hand-knit socks…hats are more my style. And I would have liked to have seen an additional video which showed proper seaming technique for assembling a finished flat project, which is critical to the professional look of your garment.

With this amazing compilation of techniques and resources you can become a fearless, confident Knitting Superstar. My only regret is that I didn’t have this resource when I was making my first attempts. But at least I have it now and you can too!

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