Where can I find free baby knitting patterns for beginners?

by Dorothy on February 23, 2011

Ive never knitted before but would like to try and knit some baby cardigans and hats for my unborn baby boy. Where can I find free online baby patterns in the UK and also instructions on how to knit and how to understand the patterns? thanks.

There are a number of sites online for both directions and patterns. Here’s just one:


For more, just enter "free baby knitting patterns" in the search bar and you’ll find all kinds of things.

There’s also plenty of "how to knit" sites:



However, as a suggestion, if you having knitted before, I’d recommend you start with something easier that baby clothes. Knitting is really very easy; the hard part is getting the gauge right (how tight/loose you knit) and shaping the armholes, etc.to make it fit right.

I’d suggest you start on something easy that will let develop some consistent tension on the yarn and used to doing it. Try a small baby afgan. Then move to the baby cap which take some shaping and then the cardigan.

Congrats on the baby!

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