how can you make fingerless gloves?

by Dorothy on March 23, 2011

ok so I looked all over youtube but I cant find how to make finger less gloves. I saw the videos, but all they showed was how to knit them or make them from old socks. I don’t know how to knit, and I don’ want to make them from old socks. I want to make them from fabric I have. how can i make it from the fabric I have? P.S. plz don’t say that I can make them from old socks I want to make them cause I have a perfect fabric i want to make it from. just show me a link or video tutorial or you tell me step by step. thnx! :)
i have been getting a lot of just buy the gloves and cut the finger part off. I’m saying how to MAKE the gloves. plz tell me how to make them with and no more crap about that buying gloves stuff plz.

Instead of starting with a tube (the sweater sleeve), you can also start with flat fabric, and sew it into a tube. Or you can add a zipper instead of a seam.

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