Knitting in the Round on Magic Loop

by Dorothy on February 21, 2011

Watch the complete Magic Loop video course! This highy-acclaimed video e-book covers everything from troubleshooting, converting regular patterns to Magic Loop, common mistakes, and a few challenges!

Alysan in Portland wrote me and said, “I wasted over a week trying to find the information in your books on Ravelry, YouTube, and the net. If I’d just gone ahead and gotten your book when I found it I would have saved so much time and frustration. Your videos broke through my learning barrier.” Thanks, Alisan!

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Magic Loop, invented and first published by Beverly Galeskas, is the amazing technique of using one very long circular needle to knit anything you want, of any size, in the round. Instead of using a circular needle that is just the exact circumference of your knitted project, you use one that is very long, letting a loop of cable come out between the stitches.

Magic Loop solves all the problems inherent in other forms of round knitting, plus, it’s easier, faster, and more fun! In all my experience knitting and teaching, Magic Loop is the best and easiest way to learn to knit in the round.

With Magic Loop, you can try on anything you knit as you go, whether it be socks or gloves, and never worry about losing stitches off the ends of your DPNs, or being stabbed by the ninja star of death. Being able to try on your knitting is a big time-saver: discovering that what you are making is too small or too big before your are done is one easy way to save yourself hours and hours of re-knitting.

With Magic Loop, the frustrating problem of laddering disappears. Even beginners just trying the method notice after their first few rounds that their tube is seamless and even, all the way around. Hooray! As my student Dianne says…

With Magic Loop, you don’t have to spend so much money on needles! You just have to buy one length of needle, in whatever size your project (or gauge swatch) calls for, and that’s it! Knit the biggest sweater to the tiniest novelty toy on one length of needle. You also won’t have to carry so many different needles with you when you travel.

Ready to get started? You need a circular needle at least 32 inches long (I prefer 40-47 inches).

Follow along with the video as I teach you how to make a little tube to practice this new technique.

PS – I’ve updated this video and have made a high-quality, easy-to-see Magic Loop video here:

Duration : 0:8:26

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