Knitting: One Circular Needle: Magic Loop Method

by Dorothy on March 19, 2011

Magic Loop Method is by using One Circular Needle ( with the cord long enough ) to make a United Circle ( without the effect that the stitches were separated ) for Hats, Cuffs, Socks etc…

With the way the economy is today not many are about to go out and buy fixed circular needles for every single project…

I am using Knit Picks ( Knit Pro ) Circular Interchangeable Needles

I Casted On 20 Stitches ( for Demo use Only )

I split the stitches into an even amount on each side

Knitted the top half of the stitches ( make sure that the Working Yarn is on the Bottom needle…which are the stitches you will be working on after the Top set of stitches )

Duration : 0:8:31

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